Haven’s Harvest offers timely and reliable surplus food pick-up and delivery in the New Haven area, connecting businesses with community sites through the transfer of high quality excess food.

We create relationships — with our donors, receiving partners and our  volunteers. Businesses often have excess food and business owners struggle to find community partners to accept the food and find transportation for that food. That is where Haven’s Harvest comes in!  Creating a robust community network is necessary to direct the food to people rather than letting the food go to waste. This network increases the resiliency of our community.

We have three programs:

  • Food recovery: Volunteer driven, direct delivery, hyper-local

  • Food advocacy: Supporting Federal legislation, work with Connecticut state agencies to support food donations, New Haven Food Policy Council, Food Access Working Group

  • Product development: Selling creative new food products using recovered food

Why do we do it? Because food justice is environmental justice.

Good food should not be wasted. Food production uses an incredible amount of energy. By recovering food, we are using it to its’ fullest potential and not wasting the energy it took to produce the food. We are facing an environmental crisis- and we have a high rate of food insecurity in our country. We can begin to end both problems by recognizing recovered food as a community resource. Our initial style of sharing food has been to ask volunteers to use their vehicles to transfer food directly from donor to community partner site. Our venture is hyper-local. Most food moves within a 15 minute ride. This enhances our sense of community- neighbors helping neighbors. Our communities should not be food insecure given how much food is wasted.

Our goal as an inclusive organization is to not discriminate based on creed, race, sexuality, gender identity or expression, sex or gender, disability or handicap, national or ethnic origin.

Meet the Team

Lori Martin
Founder & Executive Director

Lori is a lifelong environmentalist, a community organizer, and and a resident of New Haven. She is committed to creating a just food system and a just world.

Caleb MartinMooney
Operations Coordinator

Caleb grew up with an urban farm as a part of everyday life, and has been a social and environmental activist since he was young. He left New Haven for college, and was excited to return home and become a part of the thriving environmental justice community in New Haven.

Emma MartinMooney
Social Media and IT Coordinator

Emma MartinMooney is a digital native. Emma enjoys sharing her skills with environmental non profit organizations. She is a passionate choral singer, Irish step dancer, and potter.