Volunteer with us!

It’s really simple:

  1. Download the app (iTunes or Google Play).

  2. Check out the rescue schedule in the area, including the donor site, receiving site, and specific details for both.

  3. Sign up for a run and rescue food!

  4. After you complete the run, close out the run the app. It will prompt you with questions like: How well did the run go? How much food did you rescue? Any comments?

Important things to keep in mind:

  • You can “adopt” a recurring run (because the timing suits your schedule) or simply register for a single run as you have availability.

  • If you “adopt” a run, you can modify the schedule to drop a run on a particular day when needed, while keeping the run in your schedule for the future.

  • For the sake of food safety, please  deliver the food immediately after picking it up. Most runs take 30 minutes or less and donors and receivers will be very happy to see you!

Have questions about volunteering? Get in touch with us below!

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